A revival of S.L. Variant Speedloader from Germany

S.L. Variant Speedloader made in Germany that was acclaimed as a big success regrettably disappeared from the market came back as a replica. Seize the opportunity to enjoy the usability and functionality you thought no longer available.

You can load even when your revolver is horizontal as every chamber has a spring. An adapter for grip extension compatible for all models is also optional.

*Please note this model is a REPLICA of S.L. Variant Speedloader

Simple and intuitive setup

The loader automatically locks and holds the bullet by just inserting the
warhead. There is no need to turn a knob to lock it.


Reliable loading

When the lock is released, the warhead is pushed out by the force of the
spring, so it can be loaded securely into the chamber even at a nearhorizontal
angle. There is no need to swing it downward. The operation
is the same for left-handed users.


The spread of the warhead can be fine-tuned.

Turning the adjustment screw on the shaft clockwise narrows the tip,
and turning it counterclockwise widens the tip. Fine adjustment can be
made to accommodate many different cylinder sizes.

The grip length can be extended.

Fast draw is possible by attaching the Sports Grip Adapter (sold
separately), which can be used with all models. This is also advantageous for competition use and for handicapped users.


We offer a wide variety of speed loaders for each revolvers.

photo 1 J-236

Cal :  .38 /.357  [ 5-shot ]

S&W J-Frame M36, M60

photo 2 K-234

Cal :  .38 /.357  [ 6-shot ]

S&W K-Frame M10, M19, M66, M67

photo 3 L-241

Cal :  .38 /.357  [ 6-shot ]

Trooper, King Cobra, Mark 3s/5s, Security6

photo 4 L-252

Cal :  .38 /.357  [ 6-shot ]

S&W L-Frame M585, M686, Colt Python, Ruger GP100

photo 5 L-272

Cal :  .38 /.357  [ 7-shot ]

S&W L-Frame M619, M620, M686-7

photo 6 N-257

Cal :  .38 /.357  [ 6-shot ]

S&W N-Frame M27, M28

photo 7 N-277

Cal :  .44  [ 6-shot ]

S&W N-Frame M29, M629

photo 8 S-234

Sport Grip Adapter

Length :  2.25 inch. Fits All S.L. Variant Speedloaders


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